COACHING may help you transform your life, achieve your goals, and assist your personal development. Typical LIFE COACHING or PERFORMANCE COACHING issues can include

  • resolving relationship issues (improving communication, conflict resolution . . .)
  • managing anxiety about medical issues (pregnancy & childbirth issues, pain, healing from surgery, your physician just made a diagnosis that overwhelms you . . .)*
  • handling performance anxiety (fear of exams, improve your tennis serve . . .)
  • conquering fears (specific fears/phobias, fear of social situations . . .)
  • helping you regain a sense of internal peace in your life
  • worry less, achieve more
  • reducing and managing weight issues
  • achieve that goal you’ve put off for so long

COACHING is about your personal growth. I work with men, women, adolescents, and couples who are ready to create positive change in their lives. COACHING sessions focus on setting and achieving your goals, while working to eliminate the roadblocks that obscure your success. Roadblocks exist. If they didn’t exist, you’d find it pretty easy to achieve your goals without my help.  Sometimes the first roadblock is asking for help, and sometimes it’s determining what your goal really is. We start wherever you are. Call (916) 990-7733 and see how COACHING might help you.

Psychotherapy may address some of the same issues addressed in COACHING. I am also a psychotherapist (specifically, a psychologist licensed in California for over 20 years). Psychotherapy typically involves making a formal diagnosis and focusing on symptoms (i.e., what’s wrong). Coaching often gets you on your way to solutions more quickly than traditional psychotherapy. You may be treated by a psychotherapist while you engage in COACHING, as long as we’re clear about what issues you are pursuing with each professional. Of course, you should inform your therapist about COACHING and I suggest that the coach contact the therapist, with the client’s written authorization.

*may require referral from your medical professional

Call (916) 990-7733 to schedule your first appointment.

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