Groups and Workshops

Group coaching can be a cost-effective way to maintain your momentum. Groups can also help you gain the camaraderie and support of your peers (in addition to your coach’s on-going support). Also, groups demand that you be accountable to the entire group for your progress, so there is no room for slacking! Who wants to let their team down? And as you move closer to your goals, feel the power of your group supporting you!

Some people find it easier to meditate or relax when they participate in group meditation compared to finding the time and space to meditate at home. Maybe you’re new to meditation or new to hypnosis and you want to see what it’s like. While group meditation or group hypnosis isn’t the same as an individual session tailored to your specific issues, groups provide their own energy and can be a meaningful experience. They are also cost-effective. Please call for details.

For more information on group life coaching, group meditation or group hypnosis, call  (916) 990-7733.

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