Therapy, coaching and clinical hypnosis can help you navigate the choppy waters caused by life’s transitions. Life transitions can include

Marcia Hillary

  • Relationship transitions
  • Starting & maintaining your exercise program
  • Adjusting to a new medical diagnosis
  • Managing acute or chronic pain
  • Reaching a new level of sports performance
  • Career transitions (graduating, new job, retirement, returning to school . . .)
  • Re-defining yourself

Therapy, coaching and hypnosis sessions are all tailored to your needs. For example, sessions might be weekly or monthly or on a more flexible schedule; sessions can be scheduled more often at first and then less often as you approach your goal. Sessions can be in my office in Folsom (easy freeway access, free parking) or you may find that coaching sessions by telephone fit your needs. We discuss your issue, your goal, your time frame, your definition of success and we chart a course to get you from where you are to your goal. Typically we also identify potential roadblocks and how to handle them. We may set mini-goals so you can celebrate mini-successes on your path.

Clinical Hypnosis may help you

  • vanquish anxiety
  • work through roadblocks
  • identify inner resources
  • learn to relax
  • visualize your success
  • identify the source of your issue
  • tame your inner critic
  • help you manage pain

If you are planning for a surgical procedure, clinical hypnosis may help you prepare for the procedure and recover from it with greater ease. Athletes often use visualization in their training, and in recovery from injuries. Remember that it’s difficult to achieve success if you can’t even imagine achieving it! Hypnosis may help!

Group coaching sessions and group clinical hypnosis sessions are designed to offer you the opportunity to meet in a nurturing environment with others who are also striving toward their goals. Group sessions

  • remain small (so there is still individual attention)
  • allow you to offer & receive support from peers
  • require accountability to your peers as well as your coach
  • provide an opportunity to practice clinical hypnosis with the guidance of your coach (group hypnosis sessions only) which is important if it is difficult to fit hypnosis into your schedule at home
  • help you stay on task in a cost effective manner

Call for current rates: (916) 990 – 7733

Reduced Fee
Reduced fee services may be available on a limited basis.

My office is conveniently located at 1024 Iron Point Road (Suite 100) in Folsom, between the Folsom Premium Outlets and Intel. Call (916) 990 – 7733 today to ask questions or to schedule your appointment. Remember that sessions are about helping you help yourself!

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