Marcia HillaryFor many years I’ve been motivated to help people transform their lives and their relationships, especially their relationship with themselves. Frequently I weave the tools I learned from formal education with practical experience and/or my spiritual background. For over 20 years I’ve been licensed in California as a psychologist (PSY12057). I have helped people via psychotherapy, frequently as authorized by a client’s managed care plan, and I’ve helped people using clinical hypnosis, and I’ve helped people using coaching techniques. I use my education, training and skills to help you help yourself.

To help people get back on track with their lives, I call on variousĀ  tools. Of course, I use the skills of psychotherapy; when warranted and when clients choose it, I engage my clients in clinical hypnosis. Clinical hypnosis can help alleviate the suffering caused by anxiety or depression or physical pain, and can help athletes or performers excel. I am also skilled and certified in coaching techniques; coaching helps people focus more on moving forward and less on the symptoms that got them stuck in the first place.

Whether using psychotherapy, clinical hypnosis, and/or coaching, my professional relationship with my clients is always critically important. That professional relationship includes trust, respect, and empathy. It is through that relationship that change occurs, regardless of the modalities used. My professional relationship with my clients is of vital importance to me.

I’m privileged to work with intelligent, motivated men, women,older adolescents and couples who are ready to transform their lives. I help you identify your specific problem, clarify your goals, and I assist you in moving forward to achieve those goals. My job is to help you help yourself. It’s exciting and heart warming when my clients break through their barriers and achieve their personal and/or athletic and/or professional goals.

Since I’m an “education junkie,” I continue to attend classes and workshops, learning more tools, expanding my expertise, growing personally and professionally so I can help you help yourself.

Here is a brief list of my professional credentials:

PhD, Psychology, University of California Davis, 9/1986
MA, Psychology, University of California Davis, 12/1982
BA magna cum laude, Speech Communication, University of Connecticut Storrs, 5/1974
Life Coaching Certification, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, 9/2011

Private Practice: my experience includes working with children, adolescents, adults, couples, groups, and geriatric patients residing in skilled nursing facilities.

State government: Connecticut State Police, Connecticut State Labor Department, California Board of Equalization, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Teaching: University of California at Davis Psychology Department, California State University at Sacramento (aka “Sacramento State”) Psychology Department.

Volunteer training positions: United States Air Force at Travis Air Force Base (Social Actions Division), Helen E. Cowell Children’s Center at Sacramento Children’s Home.

American Psychological Association, including division 30 (Hypnosis)
American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
Institute of Noetic Sciences

I integrate all my education, training and experience in helping you help yourself! I look forward to working with you. Call me at (916) 990-7733 for more information or to schedule your appointment. Some people prefer to text (but not when you’re driving!!) or to use email (again, not when you’re driving!!); two mental health attorneys strongly discourage the use of texts and emails, so please call me at (916) 990-7733.

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